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Creative reuse, respect for the environment, artisan rigor

Walking along the beach one day near his home in Italy, veteran shoe maker Andrea Verdura, spotted a fishing net stuck on a rock. The fine gauge net had previously been banned by the European Union because it captured young fish and endangered many species. Intrigued by the material, he picked it up, stepped into it and noticed how it naturally conformed to the shape of his foot. This is how Verdura shoes were born.

Today, Sea Shepherd organization provides Verdura with the fishing nets used to make the shoes. After a thorough clean, the net is cut and washed multiple times until it becomes soft against the skin. The net is dyed using only natural pigments derived from flowers and wine residue. Cork and recycled Vibram rubber are used for the anatomical foot beds and waste leather from shoe production becomes the back strap of the sandals.

Each pair is a vibrant, pulsing creation, born from the unrivalled tradition of Tuscan shoemaking. Handmade, ethical and stylish.

The deep attention to the environmental impact and responsibility form the core of the label. In the times when fashion moves so fast and often doesn’t think about the quality and durability, Verdura’s Shoes are an exception.